Super Supper

Priti, Giorgio, Alba and I got together for some food and discussion in my studio.

It is fascinating to see the differences in methodology between artists and scientists, but equally it is interesting to see that our researches are both guided by questions and that the nature of the question shapes the outcome of the work.

It was great to hear from Priti’s trekking adventures at high altitude and Giorgio’s fencing practice and pasta cooking knowledge!

I made placemats with topics of discussions: Giorgio chose ‘irreversibility’ which prompted fantastic discussion about physic laws and socially created environmental problems, whereas Priti chose ‘life’ and spent the rest of the evening cuddling my two dogs :0)

super supper




Conversation about dimension

In my day to day work there is a lot of jumping back and forth
between different lengthscales – from atoms to nm-range, sometimes
up to several microns. It is something you do quite passively in
microscopy – just turning a knob really – and I don’t usually relate
it to real life scales – a factor of 1000 or 10000 is somewhere
around the difference between a daily commute to work and the
circumference of the Earth.  I think a reasonable comparison to the
way we deal with dimensions is what happens using google earth.
A different concept for me is switching between 2D projections and a
3D volume – sometimes this leads to confusion. This is a typical