Fitzwilliam Museum visit

Priti, Giorgio and I met at the Fitzwilliam Museum to see the Watercolour, Elements of Nature exhibition. We had a great discussion about art, perception, colour, scale and methodology, all sprinkled with Priti’s down to earth ‘What is this for?’ comments.

Priti’s painting of choice was an intriguing Japanese looking English landscape done in a patchwork composition of small rectangular papers, Trees in Penmore Park, 1799. This painting by J.W. Abbot provoked some questions about figure and background and how line can be defined by surfaces meeting each other.

Giorgio’s choice was Palma, Majorca, by Sargent, a fresh and airy painting from 1908. Here Priti and Giorgio are applying the one-two-three steps distance method to see how the painting changes depending on the distance form the viewer.

priti giorgio

Marina’s choice was a little study of Turner of a storm in the sea. This painting prompted conversations about how contemporary artists such as Olafur Eliason can continue the dialogue through centuries with artists like Turner. Particularly Eliason’s recent work Colour Experiment for Tate.


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