Nebula: an interplay of extremes

The collaborators in this project have set themselves questions to address the idea of very large and very small scales. The questions are as follows:

1- How do you involve your senses to perceive things that are orders of magnitudes larger/smaller than what your eye can see?

2- How do you see the role of curiosity, creativity and play in scientific research?

3- Do you think that analytic methodologies, such as scientific methodology, take things apart in order to understand them or put things together in order to understand them as a whole in their own context?

The images chosen are that of the Crab Nebula taken by the Hubble telescope and one of Dr Giorgio Divitini’s images taken with the aid of an electronic microscope. The two images are similar in appearance, which suggest that everything in the universe shares similar qualities and is interconnected and interdependent.


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